Boundary Waters Labradors

Ely, Minnesota

Since 1999

We have many great puppy testimonies. All, of which, are special to us.
BWCA Labs has sold pups to Dave Rorem, Vickie Lamb, Pete Hayes and Tellus Calhoun, and many others. 2010 NAFC “Buster”, 2x NAFC “Ram” and FC AFC Carbons Blue Pursuit are a few of the stud dogs in our Breeding Program history.
We run our dogs in AKC Hunting Tests. Jolor’s Rejuvenator MH (dob: 4/5/08) and  Jolor’s Pixie Blue JH, w/2 SH passes (dob: 8/22/09) are the first two that we have campaigned.
Mark Vossbein is our pro-trainer.
BWCA Labs Breeder: Margo Penke is a Member of The Labrador Retriever Club http://www.thelabradorclub.com/
BWCA Labs is a Lifetime Member (2006) of two local retriever clubs in our area:
The Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club (mirrc.org) and The Duluth Retriever Club (duluthretrieverclub.com)
Boundary Waters Labradors was a long-time partner of Working Retriever Central.
In July of 2004 we made a donation to The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. in Grand Junction, TN. It was a donation of
historic memorabilia about the sport of the purebred retriever relating to Mr Joe DeLoia and The DRC. Thank-you to Pert Wunderlich for previewing and approving this gift which was then donated to the new Retriever Building located at the foundation. The gift included 2 scrapbooks, a framed collage and a framed picture of Joe with four retrievers. It was a donation which could not have been made by us without Joe DeLoia’s contribution!

BWCA Labs has been featured in The Retriever Journal magazine (We were included at the end of a 6 page story about Joe DeLoia Feb/Mar 2007 issue, also featured in Sporting Classics) and Al Penke was featured in an newspaper article called: Hunting Dog Stories, thanks to “Birdie” (Duluth News Tribune, 9/21/08 issue of Northland Outdoors by Sam Cook) and in Sept. 2011 BWCA Labs is mentioned in The Retriever Field Trial News magazine in an article about 1956 NFC Massie’s Sassy Boots also featuring Joe DeLoia



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