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Finley: From Nose to Tail…an all BWCA pup

Finley: From Nose to all BWCA pup


Hope all is well up in Ely. You can never send me too many pictures. Diana and Will seem to have another BWCA home-run puppy. You and Al do marvelous things up there . . . in the woods.

A while back I called Diana to tell her “your going to have to spank your dog. It is a necessary part of raising a mature, responsive friend.” To further explain myself, I wrote her the e-mail, “Corporeal Caveats.”

Thought you would like to read her response. Seems that you and Al have delivered another amazing puppy. We will get to see Finley this fall.

Boggs and Ben are close, personal friends. At age 7 both are getting a bit grey under the chin and between the paws. Yet, both are most athletic and show no signs of sluggishness . . . unlike myself. Late spring mornings, we confine ourselves to the gravel road around Eureka’s West Lake . . . which means Canada Geese and goslings. Yea, they’ve munched down on a half dozen so far . . . but there are plenty left. The other morning, Boggs sprinted out behind an acre sized pond adjacent to the road . . . and dove in for a clutch of twelve or so. As he swam toward it . . . the clutch spread out and started to dive and swim away. It’s amazing how far they swim . . . underwater. Boggs kept at it for while . . . before conceding defeat and exiting the water. Goslings outwitted him. Next day, if he noticed the clutch . . . he didn’t do that again. He kept to the path.

This morning . . . they smelled and pursued one gosling in the grass by the cattails. The “boys” spent more that a few minutes crashing the place: last years cattails . . . burrowing through them . . . coming out . . . diving back in . . . running up and down the grassy bank, nose to the ground . . . crashing through and coming out the water side to swim for a while . . . get the view from the other side . . . come back through . . . crash and burrow some more. Then . . . finally, after more that a few minutes . . . we were back on the gravel and on our way . . . back to the truck.

Looking forward to summer. It has been a long, cold winter. Once the weather warms a bit (again) I’m taking the ‘boys’ to the beach for a spring bath in the lake!! They don’t protest much. And it leaves them feeling fresh and clean . . . for a while.

Peter Ostrowski Jr (used with permissions)


Pale Pondering

IMG_5263As time fades pondering enhances summer days by the water.

Generation to Generation

Generation to Generation

Our pups and our people go from generation to generation. For this we are thankful!