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Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.

Testimony on a BWCA Lab puppy:
Al and Margo,
I hope all is well. Ty turns 5 on April 30th…where does the time go. Either this spring or next spring I am hoping to double my pleasure with a puppy with good hunting potential. Ty is outstanding in the field and in the house…..and continues to tease me daily with his very bright antics. I would have it no other way. I am hoping that the next pup will have that potential should he develop into a field champ. With retirement coming closer each year, i am looking to spend even more time with my next pup. Keep me in mind.

Gauge (Leslee’s pup), is doing very well and is much quieter than Ty…..until you get him out to play or to hunt….then a ton of energy. Ty can still out hunt him….and pretty much every other dog out there. I have never hunted behind a dog as good as Ty. The pheasants just throw up their hands and walk single file out to be taken.
Take care,