Ruger & Vader Fall of 2010

A Lake of the Woods duck hunt 2010 with my youngest son Parker.  Ruger (on the left) and Vader were scanning the sky for birds. ~ Larry
Margo Penke:  I am glad to share this beautiful photo, lightened up for details. The dogs are Father & Son: I am the breeder of both these dogs: The father: Ruger (Beau ex Dede) was born here on 10/13/03) and the son (dob: 8/6/08) is out of Ruger ex Lady (who is out of JJ ex Zesty). I owned all four grandparents and three of the great grandparents in Vader’s pedigree…it’s a line breeding, the strategy behind the breeding and the prev owner of JJ is Joe DeLoia (93 yrs now). Larry Shelgren is a real good dog trainer, and was an understudy of Joe DeLoia’s. Ahhh…”Vader”…he’s the cream of my crop, the apple of my eye, however – you want to say it. That’s 8 years worth of my work in what I believe is an excellent breeding program. Credit & heartfelt thanks to my altruistic expert: Joe DeLoia…and my friend, Larry.


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