Summer 2009 Puppy Testimony

Ben & Boggs by Peter Ostrowski Jr
Just showing up with your pups . . . ignites the music score to “Jaws” in one’s mind . . . ! Their fire and enthusiasm shouts “the quick and the dead” . . . but in a happy, frolicking, joyous way.

Put their hunting fire together with the reality that ducks and pheasant are coming off their nests . . . makes it imperative that me and the “boys” find something else to do for the next six to eight weeks.

If you only raised dopy and lethargic dogs, I could spend these late spring days on long prairie walks. But NOOOOO! Your pups are charged with prairie fire. Everything in their path must flush and fly or it is doomed!

But this is good too. It is time switch gears . . . to do some training things. We will do some swimming and water retrieving. Get the old duck boat in the water. We will do training games and simple command stuff. But . . . come fall . . . .

Ben is the most on fire for retrieving. It is hard to even get him to sit . . . he gets so excited for the canvas dummy. Boggs is the fire hunter. His nose is always to the ground and tail high . . . so is Ben for that matter. But lately, Boggs is the more crazy. Boggs retrieves in a more gentle and polite manner. He drops the dummy at your feet and looks up for a treat. Ben charges . . . blows over the dummy and returns with an end-zone dance routine . . . sometimes.

Boggs and Ben show different personalities, but each is pure Lab . . . pure fire and pure enthusiasm. I just have to shut down our prairie walks . . . until August. To continue at this point in the nesting season . . . could result in little or no birds . . . where we walk!

Breeder’s Note: Ben and Boggs have the same mother as our current available black male pups, now 8 weeks old & ready for their new home (s)


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