Boundary Waters Labradors, Ely, MN

Boundary Waters Labradors is The Home of The JOLOR Lab

BWCA Labs is located on the edge of the BWCAW
(Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness)

AL & Margo Penke
1405 Hwy 120
Ely, Minnesota
Labrador Retrievers with wonderful temperament, good hunting instincts and fire, fire, fire!
established in 1999
Joe DeLoia and Missy Bell have referred clients to us.
Dave Rorem bought a pup from us.
Vickie Lamb has two “FC AFC Carbons Blue Pursuit ex Jolor’s Sunshine Splendor” pups of ours.
In 2001 we had 2x NAFC Candlewoods Ramblin Man pups.
In 2010 we had NAFC Fourleaf’s Ice Breaker “Buster” pups.
Tellus Calhoun placed a pup for us.
(just a few of our many puppy testimonies)

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